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Tarco delivers complete turnkey solutions to meet the industrial automation needs of our clients.

Who We Are

Established in 1997, Tarco is a forward-thinking, value-focused provider of Industrial Automation and Engineering services. We have extensive experience providing client-focused, cost-efficient and technologically advanced control solutions to industries around the world. Our industry-leading turbine and rotating equipment expertise sets us apart from the competition and allows us to engineer integrated total control solutions for our clients.

Our Customers

Our Products

Our motiv® control products incorporate our extensive engineering experience in programming, design, and operations to provide advanced and reliable control solutions. All of the motiv® products are designed to be highly configurable, user-friendly and easy to maintain and troubleshoot. motiv® control system software is kept current through constant innovation and can be implemented on all common programmable control hardware platforms based on its open architecture design.


We have successfully used Tarco for supplying all engineering design, programming, control panel fabrication, drawings and commissioning for a unit control upgrade on an Allison 501-KC driven natural gas compressor package. In the past, Tarco has also been used quite successfully for unit control upgrades on both Rolls Royce Avon and RB211 driven natural gas turbo compressor packages and field training requirements.

Tarco and [our company] have worked together on various control retrofit projects/solutions for customers in the fields of complete turbine control systems, commissioning, procurement and construction services. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Tarco for any gas turbine related project.

Tarco’s personnel are extremely knowledgeable about turbines and process control. Tarco worked with our engineers to design a custom-tailored control system to meet their needs. The decision to replace the old Netcon and Woodward based system with Tarco’s motiv®TCS – GE based system was the right choice to meet our operational needs.  It has proven to be extremely reliable.

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